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In a world of non-monolithic applications, the building blocks for cloud-native applications are one of the key elements of achieving agility, simplicity and fast time-to-value. n’cloud.swiss is a cloud services suite for development teams, delivering high impact cloud services. Empowering developers with turnkey, fully-managed and highly scalable building blocks, n’cloud.swiss unifies the on-prem and public cloud environments and offers a truly flexible environment for running and scaling cloud-native applications.


n’cloud.swiss provides support in the conception, implementation and cloud operation of Hyperledger or Ethereum blockchain applications.

  • Workshops for the development of blockchain use cases and selection of the appropriate architecture
  • Training for project managers and technical specialists
  • Support in the development of blockchain applications
  • Operation of blockchain applications on ncloud.swiss

Edge Computing

n’cloud.swiss and partners develop or support a combination of n’cloud.swiss and edge computing solutions which enable and facilitate the development and deployment of modern IoT, Big Data and AI applications. Based on the private cloud hosting and the “as a Service” cloud features of n’cloud.swiss along with the multi-cluster SDN interconnection and the seamless application orchestration from edge to cloud; use cases can benefit from both the simplicity and the abstraction that the global solution offers to develop and deploy applications while taking full advantage of the underlying hybrid infrastructure

Compute Services

Offers the ability to build and fully control a scalable, agile, yet simple to manage on-prem infrastructure for all applications, containers and other aspects of the SDDC


Fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service that removes the operational barriers of adopting a container-based strategy, by reducing the need for skilled and experienced talent as well as the lifecycle management overhead of Kubernetes. Read more

Analytics EMR

n’cloud.swiss offers managed Hadoop, Spark and HBase services that ensure simple and timely solutions for big data initiatives , eliminating the need to migrate vast amounts of data to the cloud. n’cloud.swiss’ Big Data Services, is compatible with AWS EMR (including APIs), integrates storage, compute, and monitoring services to offer cluster provisioning and monitoring across on-prem EC2-compatible instances and cost effectively scale workloads. By leveraging existing on-prem resources, enterprises can protect their data assets and deliver an easy-to-use multi-tenant and secure solution, that is easy to deploy and manage over time. Read more


The award winning CDaaS service (Continuous Delivery as a Service) enables customers to use a complete CI/CD environment while reducing time and costs in the development process. The cost-efficient solution is based on automated n’cloud.swiss tools and can be deployed in any development or productive environment without external dependencies. With Git, Jenkins and Pulp a higher turnover ratio is achieved, while time-to-market is significantly reduced. Developers will execute their software projects quicker and discover problems much earlier in the process. Puppet makes it easy to deploy the required system quickly and uncomplicated, directly integrated with Jenkins and Pulp the software-packages are readily available. In short, with CDaaS the cloud is being revolutionized and the possibilities are endless. Read more

Block Storage

n’cloud.swiss offers comprehensive block storage and object storage functionality; designed to be extremely scalable, agile and flexible, while fully compatible with the requirements of cloud computing. The storage is native to the hypervisor, to reduce latency and overhead, and to increase throughput. The distributed, high-performance storage service stripes all I/O across each available storage device in the rack, such as HDDs and flash devices, to assure durability in case of failure. Storage functionality can be extended to take advantage of existing storage assets that already exist in the data center.

Object Storage

For the first time, offers unified and durable cloud-driven storage in which objects storage resides side by side with block storage on the same hyperconverged infrastructure. Read more

Load Balancer-as-a-Service

Automatically distribute application traffic across multiple compute instances to deliver cloud-grade high availability, scalability and performance. Read more


Fully managed database as a service that removes operational friction of deploying databases and managing common database administrative tasks throughout their lifecycle. Read more

Application Catalog

In addition to 142+ pre-packed stacks, admins can create VM template catalogs to boost developers productivity and offer customers additional services

File System

Modernizing legacy applications and applying cloud benefits across all workloads is a complicated, resource-intensive and time consuming task. n’cloud.swiss’ File System Service supports existing, and cloud-native applications, without any need for adjustments or application re-write. It provides an easy-to-use, highly available and scalable file sharing solution for use with n’cloud.swiss IaaS, supporting AWS EFS-compatible APIs, enabling multiple instances to access the file system instantaneously and providing a common data source for various workloads. Designed to offer simple creation and minimal configuration, n’cloud.swiss’ File System Service leverages built-in storage or external storage appliances which are fully abstracted to ensure elasticity and cost effectiveness. n’cloud.swiss’ File System Service provides a standard file system interface and file system access semantics to support existing workloads. Read more

Migration Services (V-to-V)

Automatic conversion services for easy on-boarding of VMs and volumes from VMware and Hyper-V

Identity and Access Management

User authentication and access service offers integration with user stores (LDAP, AD) and distributed multi-tenant authorization

Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring services for all virtual resources and health notifications


Software-defined network services offer tenants optimal control over their private virtual network, including selection of internal IP address range, configuration of virtual routers and connectivity to network gateways