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Large corporation, multinational company, governmental institution, association or any other company with a high demand for cloud services in combination with high security? You’ll find the right choice with n’cloud.swiss ON-PREM! Reduce your total cost of ownership for your cloud environment with n’cloud.swiss of up to 30-70% compared to the deployment in a public cloud or your existing cloud deployment. The ON-PREM version, which is being installed within your IT environment as a hyperconverged infrastructure, contains the same features as n’cloud.swiss’ public cloud and even allows a cloud hybrid set-up in combination.

n’cloud.swiss is a hyperconverged software ready for ON-PREM customers

With its open stack based software-centric architecture, n’cloud.swiss tightly integrates compute, storage and virtualization resources in a single system on any commodity x86 hardware. The shape of the hyperconverged software enables ON-PREM customers to reduce the TCO within a three-year period from 30% to 70%, compared to a public cloud offering. This allows a deployment on the existing server infrastructure without the necessity of additional investments, limitations or restrictions by hard- or software vendors We’re open for partners in the area of ON-PREM consulting and installations and welcome any partnership in this area. Find more information on our website.

Why using it ON-PREM?

  • Sensitive data remains in-house
  • Hyper converged software reduces hardware costs & investments significantly
  • Compatible with any X86 commodity hardware
  • Fully functional cloud infrastructure to work on a next generation cloud platform
  • Option to use as a hybrid cloud in conjunction with n’cloud.swiss cloud platform
  • Swiss support and quality
  • Attractive licensing models

n’cloud.swiss ON-PREM version for large & multinational companies

n’cloud.swiss is also available as an ON-PREM version for companies with specific requirements to run a cloud ON-PREM. This option also allows, to use n’cloud.swiss as a hybrid cloud. In any case the hyperconverged software leads to significant reduction in TCO.
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