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n’cloud – Freedom to work anywhere “Imagine, you rent an apartment in a virtual Skyscraper. In as many rooms as you require, everything necessary to enable your work environment is provided…” That’s how you can imagine n’cloud: A perfectly organized workspace, integrating all of your workplaces and staff; with a caretaker watching over your data and devices, housekeeping to maintain everything proper and tidy and of course a security service, guarding your office day or night!


No more frustration due to data loss! With n‘cloud BACKUP data is automatically saved. Your data can be restored within minutes if necessary. There are different solutions ready to go.


Find various universal software applications from Accounting to CRM or ERP system solutions in our range of products. Specific industry or product solutions are also available. All software packages are driven by user friendliness, mobility and a very good price/performance ratio.


CLOUD DRIVE is our perfect solution to grant virtual access to files or folders for your employees, external partners or customers – even time limited. All data is encrypted and stored with backup and restore functionality and always kept safe and secure. No more costs for local storage devices or data backup necessary.


You are already familiar and used to one or more software applications (e.g., Accounting, CRM, ERP) and want to virtualize them to enable your employees, partners, or customers a location-independent access? We virtualize your software package individually in our data center and therefore reduce your investment and cost budget.


The next generation of antivirus and antispyware protection of end devices and servers: PROTECTION – smarter, faster, more effective and much easier to use and to implement.


SYSTEM MONITORING monitors your IT environ- ment at all times and regardless of location. Instead of having to act in case of problems, discover issues and bottlenecks (time, hardware, software) not only at early stage, but stay aware of the work condition of your IT infrastructure at all time. We also offer these monitoring services to customers with own in-house server infrastructures.


With HOSTED EXCHANGE, Microsoft Outlook goes mobile! Personal e-mails, appointments and addresses are automatically synchronized at the same time on different devices such as PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.


E-MAIL ARCHIVING archives your e-mails – secure, clear and conforming to law. Integrated into your Microsoft Outlook this n‘cloud application offers a quick search access to stored e-mails or files. Thereby not only the mailserver but also your budget is relieved noticeably. We also offer e-mail encryption additionally. Your e-mails are therefore only readable by the person for whom they were intended.


Make phone calls regardless of the location with our VoIP Cloud! The virtual PBX is a powerful and sophisticated VoIP telephony system for the business environment. The comprehensive functionality of our IP telephony solution is complemented by a large number of supported apps for smart devices. The landline telephony and all communication at the own workplace becomes not only mobile, but also available at any time (7x24x365).


VIRTUAL OFFICE is the complete package with the latest Microsoft Office products, such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel in combination with our useful packages HOSTED EXCHANGE and BACKUP. It is the all-round feel-good package for all, requiring secure and flexible access to their virtual office at any time, with confidence that data, documents or e-mails are automatically stored, virus-checked and securely archived