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ICO BENEFITS – Why investing in the n’ ICO?

Since the launch of n’cloud – one of Europe’s first IaaS/SaaS cloud platforms – several thousand users are working every day in the n’cloud – some since 2009! The development of n’ as a full-service cloud platform for all cloud models (Public, Private, Hybrid, Community) – is the logical continuation of a long-term cloud strategy of a healthy, independent and fully self-financed company!

  • n’ is a real and existing business with a proven track record, customers, revenues and profits
  • n’ is a successful cloud platform, running in one of the world’s most secure data centers in Switzerland
  • The team is the key for the long-term success – we’re proud to have highly skilled and well known individuals among our team
  • Extensive expertise in cloud business and particularly as a cloud provider since 2009 – we’re one of the cloud pioneers in Europe
What are my benefits as a n’ investor?
  • Be part of a success story which now spreads in up to 60 countries
  • Pay your n’ bills with up to 25% NCU tokens and get a 5% discount addtional on the list price
  • After the ICO is terminated, the value of the token is elevated from CHF 1.00 to CHF 1.50 = more purchasing power
  • The NCU token will be listed on a few selected exchanges after the ICO is terminated
  • Our second ICO with a security token called NCS will start later this year. NCU token buyers will then be eligible to exchange their NCU tokens into NCS tokens and benefit from further advantages such as profit sharing, listing on exchanges and many ofther other benefits
  • Short-term: Go for the option of selling NCU tokens on a exchange or buy any of our services or products as more than 4’000 users are already doing today!
  • Mid-term: Wait for the launch of the NCS security token, exchange your NCU tokens into NCS tokens and wait until the NCS token is ready for sale on selected exchanges.
  • Long-term: Change your NCU tokens into NCS tokens and benefit from profit-sharing, discounts and other great benefits.

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