1. Get your digital ID @Yoti.com

2. Create an Ethereum wallet

3. Sign in and register yourself

4. Buy NCU tokens

Download the YOTI app and follow the procedure below or as shown on «Watch YOTI video».
  • Take a photo – to start create an account
  • Enter your phone number – add an verify so we know you’re in control of your phone
  • Choose a 5-digit PIN . to secure your digital ID
  • Record yourself saying three random words – to prove you’re human
  • Add your photo ID / Scan passport or driving license to match your photos. Starting from April 9th also driver’s licenses and ID cards from most countries are accepted for digital ID creation
You need an Ethereum wallet to get your NCU tokens. If you have already one, proceed to step 3. If we shall care about your tokens, choose this option in registration process. If not, create a wallet as described below:
Your YOTI ID is your key to register for the token purchase. If you don’t have a YOTI ID yet, start with step 1.
  • Go to Sign-in
  • Log-in with your YOTI QR code (phone)
  • Enter or complete your address details
  • Enter your ETH wallet address for token transfer
Once you’ve accomplished the first three steps, you can proceed to buy NCU tokens. In case of any problems don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail.
  • Follow the procedure and buy your NCU tokens
  • We accept bank transfers, ETH or BTC payments
Please be aware of the following rules for the purchase of NCU tokens.
  • Purchasing minimum amount per transaction is CHF 50.— or equal amount in ETH or BTC
  • Purchasing maximum amount per transaction is CHF 10’000.— or equal amount in ETH or BTC
  • A transaction must be closed (payment terminated), before a new transaction is allowed
  • All purchases will be verified. After the verification process, the NCU tokens will be transferred into your ETH wallets. Be aware, that NCU tokens are only transferable into ETH wallets.
  • Only registered and verified NCU token holders can also use them to purchase any products or services on n’cloud.swiss
  • Only registered and verified NCU token holders can exchange their NCU tokens later this year into NCS tokens
  • On request, we also offer the administration of NCU tokens for our investors. If this is of interest for you, choose this option during registration process.
  • Please check our FAQ for additional questions

Benefit from the Investment pool reward. If you purchase for at least 1’000 CHF, you’ll automatically participate in the Investment pool reward.

Level Investment CHF Winners Tokens Total
1 Top Investor 1 500’000 500’000
2 Top 2-5 Investor 4 250’000 1’000’000
3 Top 6-10 Investors 5 50’000 250’000
4 Top 11-100 Investors 90 25’000 2’250’000
5 Top 101-500 Investors 400 5’000 2’000’000
6 Top 501-1000 investor 500 2’500 1’250’000
7 Top 1001-2000 investors 1000 1’250 1’250’000
8 Top 2001-5000 Investors 3’000 625 1’875’000
9 Top 5001-10000 Investors 5’000 300 1’500’000
10 Top 10001-20000 Investors 10’000 150 1’500’000
11 Top 20001-30000 Investors 10’000 100 1’000’000
12 Top 30001-40000 Investors 10’000 50 500’000
13 Top 40001-50000 Investors 10’000 12 120’000
14 Extra bonus every 10’000th investor 5 1’000 5’000
Total 50’000 Investors 50’000 15’000’000
For detailed information on ICO rounds, price per token and when Bonus token days take place, please click on the link. Token Sale Detail