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We reward active people, who will buy in and support the n’ ICO campaign before and during the ICO stages. For this we’ve reserved 167 million NCU tokens in 10 different bounty incentives. This equals almost 30% of the total number of tokens in play.

Find detailled information to each bounty initiative in the whitepaper. Get your free tokens by being an active n’ supporter!

No, Incentive Max. NCU tokens
1 Bitcoin Talk Avatar and Signature Campaign 15'000'000
2 Videos and articles campaing 4'000'000
3 Translation and public community management 2'000'000
4 Twitter Campaign 3'000'000
5 Facebook Campaign 1'000'000
6 YouTube Campaign 1'000'000
7 LinkedIn Campaign 3'000'000
8 Telegramm Campaign 1'000'000
9 Lottery rewards 122'000'000
10 Investment pool rewards 15'000'000
Total Token rewards 167'000'000