n’cloud – The virtual office

With n’cloud, security and flexibility are guaranteed. In addition, there’s no need to invest into server hardware, software, licenses or storage capacities and no expenses for in-house operation, maintenance, energy and data backup.

n‘cloud – Freedom to work anywhere

„Imagine, you rent an apartment in a virtual Skyscraper.  In as many rooms as you require, everything necessary to enable your work environment is provided…“

That’s how you can imagine n‘cloud: A perfectly organized workspace, integrating all of your workplaces and staff; with a caretaker watching over your data and devices, housekeeping to maintain everything proper and tidy and of course a security service, guarding your office day or night!

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The virtual office!

The n‘cloud is at your disposal whenever or wherever access to your office applications, data or e-mails is necessary. Any other business software can be integrated and expanded the same way – all on a rental basis.

  • Individually tailored package of Microsoft Office and your business software products
  • Perfect integration of all your data, documents, e-mails etc.
  • Archiving and maintenance of all your IT products and data with backup and recovery functionality

The key!

n‘cloud works similarly to a highly secured master key system. You obtain the pass key and from there you define individually, which people are granted access to your system, software and data.

  • Single sign-on or limited access to software, data, files or individual projects is possible
  • Perfect integration of all your data, documents, mails etc.
  • Access from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night and with any web-enabled device for all authorized users such as staff, partners or customers


All of your documents or files are protected and stored by multilevel security mechanisms within n‘cloud: And of course you‘re protected against espionage, hackers or computer viruses.

  • Guaranteed optimized data security, all of n’cloud’s servers without exception are located in Swiss data centers
  • All data are safe in the country with the world’s most rigid data privacy act
  • State-of-the-art protection against malware, hackers and unauthorized users

Ready, steady, go!

n‘cloud gives you the freedom to work whenever or wherever needed – in the office, at home, on vacation or just on the road. You can choose any web-enabled device – either your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone – to connect to your workspace.

  • Your virtual office is at your disposal; 24/7/365 by any web-enabled device
  • Plan and organize your daily business, your staff or projects; it has never been made so easy

Save and benefit!

Above all n‘cloud provides freedom and independency in your daily business. And the best part is: You can budget a fixed monthly rent and eliminate high costs for hardware, software, licensing and maintenance.

  • Predictable, fixed monthly rent per user. The number of users can be increased or decreased at any time
  • Economizing your IT budget with sensible savings on your IT investments
  • Complete freedom and mobility in your daily business life

All n’cloud packages can be booked individually and be combined with each other. Each package is adjustable on a per user base at a fixed montly rate. 

icon_allg_wartungIndividual support for our customers

We know about the importance of a good support. Our philosophy is to provide the level of support we would expect. You’re being taken care either in our support center, via the online documentation or by the HD video tutorials!

n’cloud – Feedback from customers

All was outstandingly organized. We’ve been ready to start on the new platform within 2 hours after the implementation.

Stefano Farro – General secretary
Verband Verkauf Schweiz, Unterentfelden

The n’cloud OFFICE solution reduced our IT costs by 33% per year.

René Hunziker – Founder and Managing Director
Prior Finanz & Pensionsplanungen AG / Castell Immobilien AG, Wildegg

The implementation of n’cloud reduced our IT-costs up to 40% compared to our previous service provider.

Lorenz Arni – Head of Marketing and IT
Schweizerischer Verband der Immobilienbewirtschaft SVIT, Zürich

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Our industry is currently passing a profound structural change.

The customer requirements in terms of flexibility and performance are growing steadily, and the IT suppliers increasingly become full-service providers, being directly involved in the optimization of their customers’ business processes.

At the same time the business requires solutions for round-the-clock access to data, files and communication – independent from any location, time and/or the device in use. Of course all of this comes with a high expectation in regard of user friendliness, speed, flexibility and costs. The classic office structure with fixed workplaces, hard-wired computers and peripheral devices is disappearing increasingly. This and the indispensable commitment of companies into social networks also place greater emphasis on the topics such as data protection and data security – even more so, since security and fail-safe networks are decisive for the company’s success.

The solution is called n’cloud – Netkom offers an attractive, profitable and powerful IT architecture and infrastructure for all company sizes – whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, a small medium-sized or large company. Lern more about this virtual full-service package and its benefits on the following pages. We appreciate your interest and are looking forward to a personal encounter via mail, social networks or in a personal meeting with you.

Sincerely yours
André Matter

André Matter
André MatterCEO - Netkom IT Services GmbH